Saturday, July 16, 2011

FLOSS YOUR SOCKS! tutorial link youtube no sew flat seam machine knit socks
no sew flat sock seams single bed machine knit.wmv

This is a 12 minute tutorial of an idea that came to me after stitching up side seams on socks that I knitted on my single bed (I don't have a ribber) standard knitting machine. Titled "no sew flat sock seams single bed machine knit"

I concluded a few improvements after completion:
1. that it would be better to come from the bottom with the dental floss bobbin instead of over the top and down.

2. it is not necessary to knot the main yarn being pulled through the edge stitches - just be sure to have enough length to make sure it doesn't come un-threaded from the dental floss leader. This way there won't be a yarn knot to hang up while coming through the edge stitches.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Samantha Socks

this is a medley of hand knit and machine knit techniques

I goofed up on the lace pattern on the machine. However, it turned out easier to replicate in the hand knit section on the foot. So it worked out easier.

Now that I know what NOT to do on lace knitting on the machine I think I've got it a ok going forward.

I made my own punch card for the slip stich heel, and worked out the methodology for it. ODD no. sts (so each end is slip stitch) watch the side tension - DONT pull the side stitches tight.