Saturday, July 5, 2014

OK - I skipped a formal dinner and spruced up my torn up but still soft and good on the feet - GEL MAT in the kitchen.  It was $18 dollars three years ago... and being a cheap bunny I decided to fix it up instead of buying a new one.  Before / during / and tada photos!!  Yes, that's black duct-tape covering the rips in the mat.

Sew... it fought me most of the way.  I ended up stopping my edge stitching and basting the old mat to the new black vinyl, then continuing with the oil cloth edging.  I did have to roll it up as I sewed, and used a tiny pokey stick tool from Harbor Freight on the corners to get it under control as I sewed. What a bear!  This was way worse that sewing that lead lined X-ray dental vest.  But that's another story.

Costs - Oil cloth edging - I don't know an eighth of a yard - maybe a dollars worth (I have a bit because I have been making kitchen appliance covers out of it - no photos yet of the collection b/c only two are done and I have a couple more to go).  The black textured vinyl was on sale at Hobby Lobby.  I think I paid five for a half yard.  So six bucks.  Much better than another $18.  AND it coordinates with my kitchen.  Saved 12 dollars on the DIY.  M&L has 20% off for the next week - I'm should go buy more oil cloth to finish the kitchen. I need more duck cloth anyway to finish Vlad's BBQ cover.
Lello cover - done
mixer cover - to do
Blender cover - to do
NuWave cover - done
toaster cover - to do
knife block cover - to do -Oooh - maybe I'll use the left over black textured vinyl for this - yeeeessssss. with a cool red metal zipper up the front to get to the scissors easy.

Just wait a month or so because I will be making swags with jabots and chevrons for the front room windows - or getting a baliage on my hair - depends how much money I have and how well my own DIY hair project hidden color test turns out tomorrow.

Outta here - time to hit the pillow and start drooling.
Spakoine Nocche as Vladimir says.

Kitchen Cafe curtains - finally

I completed my kitchen cafe curtains this weekend. Yay - happy 4th of July 2014!!

Now my husband and I can actually eat our meals with a bit more privacy when we want the window and blinds open for fresh air.  No more lookie-loos from the passers by between the 4-plexes. Goodness gracious, it sure seems everybody looks up to our kitchen window (we're on the 2nd floor) as they walk on the sidewalk below ALL THE BLOODY TIME when we are having our dinner.

List of ingredients for the 3:1 valence and 2:1 tab cafe's.
1 - 6 foot window [duoh]
2" wide grosgrain black ribbon for the tab tops [2 spools from Hobby Lobby]
6 yards print fabric and 6 yards lining - rail road cut so there are no seams to cast shadows [I love M&L fabric's prices]
1- decorator rod with clear bubble finials [under 12 dollars at Family Dollar Store]
1- 74" redwood furring strip for the valance (stapled with the pneumatic stapler - it was soooo fun!) [ 1 dollar from Ganhal Lumber] mmmmmmm air-tools.  so cool.

Next up... two cushions for the chairs, and a new vinyl cover for my gel mat that has many rips in it.
I'm somewhat torn between actually having dinner or sewing first.

Toodles for now - Suz

Saturday, August 4, 2012

bare fingernails before cutting short in March 2012

Those two photos were from March 2012.  It took me from Jan 01, 2012 to get them that long.  In April I cut them dead short for a temporary job in the food industry.  I started growing them out again at the end of June when the assignment ended.  This is where I am at now Aug 4...

This was July 2, 2012

Comparing July 2 to Aug 2 they actually grow pretty quickly in a month.  I regularly manicure to offset my clumsiness - and so the knitting yarn doesn't snag on my nails. I tend to rush around and break my nails on things like drawers, doors, handles and reaching for pots and pans or the worst is when the bread board slips from my fingers snagging a nail corner on the way down (((ouch))). Biotin pills from Costco daily helps to keep them nourished and to withstand some of the rough and tumble things I get myself into.

I'm just a girl that likes girly girl things.
Have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Hello fellow owners of the Juki Hi-Memory Singer KE-2400 Memo Matic knitting machine...
Here is the manual (10.1mb file) on pdf:

Look for the accompanying Learn as you knit book in a week or so after I scan it.

toodles & God bless - Suz

Monday, August 15, 2011

standard bed MK socks flat bed tip: instep stitch protector when doing short row heels

Use a piece of spare punch card as a damage blocker when knitting short row heels. This will protect the instep stitches held in "F" or "H" position from being felted by repeated passes of the carriage brushes.

I sliced off a couple inches of punch card from the roll and punched a hole row. Yes that is a pun and a twisted use of the word whole. Then I inverse curved the sides and hung on the needles I needed to protect against felting after pulling them into holding position. You can either cut the sides or fold. I've done both in the photo for your benefit.

The punch card stitch protector works better than tape, file folders, or whatever else for ease and speed because the pre-drilled guide holes help you punch each hole to line up directly with the needles. It beats removing the stitches to a holder or WY and rehanging. Each punch card protector can last at least one pair. I base this on my very thin, almost velum, roll of punch card material.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

FLOSS YOUR SOCKS! tutorial link youtube no sew flat seam machine knit socks
no sew flat sock seams single bed machine knit.wmv

This is a 12 minute tutorial of an idea that came to me after stitching up side seams on socks that I knitted on my single bed (I don't have a ribber) standard knitting machine. Titled "no sew flat sock seams single bed machine knit"

I concluded a few improvements after completion:
1. that it would be better to come from the bottom with the dental floss bobbin instead of over the top and down.

2. it is not necessary to knot the main yarn being pulled through the edge stitches - just be sure to have enough length to make sure it doesn't come un-threaded from the dental floss leader. This way there won't be a yarn knot to hang up while coming through the edge stitches.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Samantha Socks

this is a medley of hand knit and machine knit techniques

I goofed up on the lace pattern on the machine. However, it turned out easier to replicate in the hand knit section on the foot. So it worked out easier.

Now that I know what NOT to do on lace knitting on the machine I think I've got it a ok going forward.

I made my own punch card for the slip stich heel, and worked out the methodology for it. ODD no. sts (so each end is slip stitch) watch the side tension - DONT pull the side stitches tight.