Saturday, August 4, 2012

bare fingernails before cutting short in March 2012

Those two photos were from March 2012.  It took me from Jan 01, 2012 to get them that long.  In April I cut them dead short for a temporary job in the food industry.  I started growing them out again at the end of June when the assignment ended.  This is where I am at now Aug 4...

This was July 2, 2012

Comparing July 2 to Aug 2 they actually grow pretty quickly in a month.  I regularly manicure to offset my clumsiness - and so the knitting yarn doesn't snag on my nails. I tend to rush around and break my nails on things like drawers, doors, handles and reaching for pots and pans or the worst is when the bread board slips from my fingers snagging a nail corner on the way down (((ouch))). Biotin pills from Costco daily helps to keep them nourished and to withstand some of the rough and tumble things I get myself into.

I'm just a girl that likes girly girl things.
Have a lovely weekend!