Saturday, July 5, 2014

Kitchen Cafe curtains - finally

I completed my kitchen cafe curtains this weekend. Yay - happy 4th of July 2014!!

Now my husband and I can actually eat our meals with a bit more privacy when we want the window and blinds open for fresh air.  No more lookie-loos from the passers by between the 4-plexes. Goodness gracious, it sure seems everybody looks up to our kitchen window (we're on the 2nd floor) as they walk on the sidewalk below ALL THE BLOODY TIME when we are having our dinner.

List of ingredients for the 3:1 valence and 2:1 tab cafe's.
1 - 6 foot window [duoh]
2" wide grosgrain black ribbon for the tab tops [2 spools from Hobby Lobby]
6 yards print fabric and 6 yards lining - rail road cut so there are no seams to cast shadows [I love M&L fabric's prices]
1- decorator rod with clear bubble finials [under 12 dollars at Family Dollar Store]
1- 74" redwood furring strip for the valance (stapled with the pneumatic stapler - it was soooo fun!) [ 1 dollar from Ganhal Lumber] mmmmmmm air-tools.  so cool.

Next up... two cushions for the chairs, and a new vinyl cover for my gel mat that has many rips in it.
I'm somewhat torn between actually having dinner or sewing first.

Toodles for now - Suz

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