Saturday, July 5, 2014

OK - I skipped a formal dinner and spruced up my torn up but still soft and good on the feet - GEL MAT in the kitchen.  It was $18 dollars three years ago... and being a cheap bunny I decided to fix it up instead of buying a new one.  Before / during / and tada photos!!  Yes, that's black duct-tape covering the rips in the mat.

Sew... it fought me most of the way.  I ended up stopping my edge stitching and basting the old mat to the new black vinyl, then continuing with the oil cloth edging.  I did have to roll it up as I sewed, and used a tiny pokey stick tool from Harbor Freight on the corners to get it under control as I sewed. What a bear!  This was way worse that sewing that lead lined X-ray dental vest.  But that's another story.

Costs - Oil cloth edging - I don't know an eighth of a yard - maybe a dollars worth (I have a bit because I have been making kitchen appliance covers out of it - no photos yet of the collection b/c only two are done and I have a couple more to go).  The black textured vinyl was on sale at Hobby Lobby.  I think I paid five for a half yard.  So six bucks.  Much better than another $18.  AND it coordinates with my kitchen.  Saved 12 dollars on the DIY.  M&L has 20% off for the next week - I'm should go buy more oil cloth to finish the kitchen. I need more duck cloth anyway to finish Vlad's BBQ cover.
Lello cover - done
mixer cover - to do
Blender cover - to do
NuWave cover - done
toaster cover - to do
knife block cover - to do -Oooh - maybe I'll use the left over black textured vinyl for this - yeeeessssss. with a cool red metal zipper up the front to get to the scissors easy.

Just wait a month or so because I will be making swags with jabots and chevrons for the front room windows - or getting a baliage on my hair - depends how much money I have and how well my own DIY hair project hidden color test turns out tomorrow.

Outta here - time to hit the pillow and start drooling.
Spakoine Nocche as Vladimir says.

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